Tick-Tock: Routine is Key

Chirp chirp! Birds are singing outside your window, and you stumble out of bed with sandy eyes at the crack of noon. You recently left the coffee-fueled haze of art college (or decided to pick up the freelancing game again), and are ready to join the coffee-fueled haze of the design world. But first, you want Read more about Tick-Tock: Routine is Key[…]

Respect, the Hidden Art of Client Retention

Now that we have tested the dark waters of pricing and visibility, let’s talk about dealing directly with clients.  Clients are the lifeblood of a designer’s business, and deserve respect.  Whether you do graphic design, illustration, animation, or anything between, it is critical to realize that clients have reached out with opportunities and are putting Read more about Respect, the Hidden Art of Client Retention[…]

Social Media Balancing Act

Much like annual cicadas, art college seniors will be unearthing themselves in droves during the early summer.  This article, however, is NOT for them.  It is for all the juniors out there who are finishing their studies among empty classrooms and celebrating peers.  Let’s discuss what can give you the best head start for next Read more about Social Media Balancing Act[…]