Wiretap Playing Cards


Client Project Skills Used
Devilish Rogue Project Wiretap Playing Cards Brand Design, Package Design, Packaging Production Art, Physical Comps, Fundraising, Video Production


“Wiretap” Playing Cards is a United States espionage and whistleblower-themed deck of playing cards. It was created in 2014 by David Boyd of the Devilish Rogue Project.


  • Fully custom court cards, pips, back, and tuck case.
  • Air Cushion finish, printed by the USPCC.
  • Info card with an explanation of the cards’ characters, and a backer thank-you.
  • Two-piece Joker cards that fit together for one full propaganda piece. Designed with guidance by Chase Camp.
  • Limited print run of 1,000.

The face and number cards in Wiretap feature motifs based on the different types of information surveillance, or their gathering sources. They also represent four of the major US intelligence agencies:

  • Spades: N.S.A. (National Security Administration). Represented by long-range radar, or by tracking presence by satellite.
  • Hearts: F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation). Represented by an envelope (email), or by data mining e-correspondence.
  • Diamonds: D.I.A. (Defense Intelligence Agency). Represented by a speaker, or gathering information acoustically.
  • Clubs: C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency). Represented by a camera lens, or using traditional humans to gather information.

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