Sultana Playing Cards


Client Project Skills Used
Deco Playing Cards Sultana Playing Cards Package Design, Packaging Production Art, Physical Comps, Game Art, Market Research, Fundraising


“Sultana” Playing Cards is inspired by an early, ostentatious deck of Moorish cards of Mamluk design found in a museum in Istanbul. Playing cards came into the Western world via the Strait of Gibraltar in Spain, where Western Europe meets North Africa.

  • Printed by the USPCC on Bicycle® stock with a linen finish.
  • Fully custom court cards, pips, back, and tuck case.
  • Includes a card explaining how to play “Kout,” a bidding game.
  • Info card with an explanation of the modified suits, and a backer thank-you.

The face cards in Sultana feature both an architectural frame and floral motif:

  • Spades: Cumin Flower motif, and the sultan holds a sword.
  • Hearts: Lotus motif, and the sultana holds a cup.
  • Diamonds: Egyptian Blue Water Lily motif, and the sultan holds coins.
  • Clubs: Poppy motif, and the sultan holds a polo stick.

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