Oni Playing Cards


Client Project Skills Used
Devilish Rogue Project Oni Playing Cards Brand Design, Package Design, Packaging Production Art, Physical Comps, Kickstarter Fundraising


In 2016, the Devilish Rogue Project undertook a Kickstarter campaign for “Oni” Playing Cards. They ended up raising over $5,250 for the print run, and the deck was printed in a limited supply of 1,000.

“Oni” Playing Cards is inspired by the twisted demons, ogres, and tricksters of Japanese mythology. It draws from the tales of legendary warrior Minamoto no Yorimitsu and his four guardian kings found in the Otogizoshi and Noh theater.


  • Printed by the USPCC on Bicycle® stock with a linen finish.
  • Fully custom court cards, pips, back, and tuck case.
  • Includes a thank-you card for select backers (see rewards).
  • Info card with names of all court cards and their historical origin.

French suits pips have been given a Japanese flavor. The spade has been replaced by the monk’s spade, a tool used to bury the dead found on roadways. Hearts are now two cherry blossoms in the shape of a heart. Diamonds now sport the look of a decorative yen piece. Kanabo, or iron clubs, round out the set.

Get your copy today, before they vanish!

Check out more artwork of the characters from this project:

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