Gentien the Colonel & Inv1asion Comics


Client Project Skills Used
Yolanda Vision “Gentien the Colonel,” “Inv1asion” Digital Comics Layout, Physical Comps, Storyboarding and Flow, Copy Writing


Yolanda Chetwynd, owner of Yolanda Vision, comes from a background rich the visual arts. Her maternal great-grandmothers were both artists, and Chetwynd’s grandmother was a singer. Her father (and his grandmother) was a writer, and her mother is an artist.

Chetwynd received a grant from the Delaware Arts Council to produce an interactive graphic novel about her family’s history during WWII, particularly her grandmother’s efforts to rebuilt the Chateau de Bosmelet after Allied forces accidentally bombed the site.  She called on Dave Boyd Designs for its layout and editing services, and the pair created a beautiful, easily-accessible graphic novel in both digital and print form for her readers.

Nancy Breslin, a fine arts photographer from Washington, DC, further prepared the novel for optimized viewing on mobile devices.

Select pages from both Gentien and Inv1asion:

Gentien the Colonel and Inv1asion are both © Yolanda Chetwynd.  Images used with permission.

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