June 5, 2016


Devilish Rogue Project — Designs for Custom Dice

The Devilish Rogue Project needed designs for dice that would go along with a spy-themed playing card deck, and we had an absolute blast brainstorming with them.


T-Shirt for a Private Client

The client commissioned us to create a turbine shirt, similar to something that might be found in Marvel’s Iron Man costume.


Oni: Life or Death Poker Chip / Dealer Chip

Another collaboration with the Devilish Rogue Project to create a poker chip for its Oni Playing Cards line. The chip features the horned skull of demon king Shuten-doji on the front, and a stylized cherry blossom leaf on the back.

The dealer chip features the alternate spade for the deck on one side, along with an oni face on the other.

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