Devilish Rogue Project (Personal)


Gag Order Playing Cards

Skills Used:

  • Brand Design (Wiretap Line)
  • Package Design
  • Packaging Production Art
  • Physical Comps
  • Video Production
  • Fundraising/Campaign Management


“Gag Order” Playing Cards is a cyberpunk anti-espionage deck set in the year 2261, and is inspired by the 2011-2014 NSA self-spying scandals. It shows what a dystopian future of mass-surveillance would look like, and the measures that people might take to protect their privacy.

  • Fully custom court cards, pips, back, and tuck case.
  • Info card with an explanation of the modified suits, and a backer thank-you.
  • Robo-Ray Bradbury and Mecha-George Orwell as the Jokers.
  • Dual-actuator hard drive as the card back.

The face and number cards in Gag Order feature motifs based on countering the different types of information surveillance:

  • Spades: GEOINT (geo-spatial intelligence), symbolized by a radar screen. The courts all have means to jam GEOINT gathering, specifically tessellated, heat-dispersing cloaks.
  • Hearts: SIGINT (signal intelligence), symbolized by an e-mail envelope medallion. The courts utilize data-mining tablets and portable hacking terminals to avoid detection.
  • Diamonds: ACOUSTINT (acoustic measurement and signals intelligence), symbolized by a speaker system. The courts carry jamming devices, specifically to reduce acoustic footprint.
  • Clubs: HUMINT (human intelligence), symbolized by a camera lens in the background of the cards. Court cards hold means of visual obfuscation, such as smoke grenades.


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