June 5, 2016


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Icon for Quote-Fetching App

DBD worked with an Android developer to give his app an eye-catching icon for devices and the Google Play store.
The app is designed to compile daily inspirational quote lists, and saves lists based on your favorites, or those that meet a “unique” criteria.
DBD created a large-format vector icon from scratch, and saved optimized versions for all platforms that the icon might appear.

Devilish Rogue Project Logo

DBD worked closely with local gaming company Devilish Rogue Project to create the logo for its playing card company.
The arrow and pitchfork represent the “roguish” and “devilish” aspects of the products, respectively.

Find the Devilish Rogue Project on the web:



Dave Boyd Illustrations / Dave Boyd Designs

What logo list would be complete without a special shout-out to our own company logo?
The goal was to create an timeless imperial feel, utilizing the company’s colors and a wreath of laurel leaves.

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